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The DC Sniper is going down…

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John Allen Muhammad, the older ‘sniper’ is going to die tomorrow from lethal injection.  Idk how many of you all this effects much, but if you were in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area–you were going craaaaaazy.  Remember ‘they’ said the snipers were in a white van??? Then for the next 2 weeks, people were duckin and dodgin the 400 white vans they saw everyday.  Or what about pumping gas??? People were hiding in their cars until they were done and then skated off..Dang.  I wonder what they’re going to do with the younger cat, Lee Malvo?


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I need your help….Katt Williams looks like ________________.

Some Quality Music Monday…

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…featuring Styles P

“You don’t want no incident/Pay me in increments”..

Styles P- “Throw It In The Bag (Remix)

Styles P- “Hustler’s Flow”

Styles P- “Warm Up”

50’s gettin it in..

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…maybe with a little too much.  I wanna hear what Joe Budden has to say about 50 maxin wit his ‘ex-girl’ Tahiry..


New XXL Cover..

50 Cent and Tahiry..



New Music: Robin Thicke ft. Jay-Z- “Meiple (Me I Play)”

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While Rihanna yaps, Breezy goes to work..

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I respect your maturity and your hustle, playboy..