Underground Talent..

I came across these videos from the archives the NxtLev connects sent over.  These artists exemplify GREAT talent.  The old heads would always say, “I can’t listen to that ‘bom’ ‘bom’ ‘kat’..”

The one with the dreds is Arsenal, Loaded Lux is the one with the green and brown jacket in the 1st video and the old school leather helmet on in the 2nd video, Goodz went first in the 2nd video, and Head ICE is the tall, bald one in the 2nd video.

…speaking of Head ICE, the Nxt (like that plug?; Shoutout to NxtLev) video is a battle he had in the ‘Lions Den’ verses Ty Knots.  The rest is history…


~ by NxtLev on June 6, 2009.

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