..Maybe an Apple Summer too: NEW IPHONE 3G S!!!

..you can preorder one now and get it June 19th.

Steve Jobs must have listened to all the conversations I’ve had about the IPhone 3G and changed it all for the IPhone 3G S.  Upgrades on the phone include: 2x as fast as the 3G Iphone, a 3 megapixel camera/video camera (you can edit videos on the spot too; tap focus; autofocus), horizontal key-entry, cut/copy/paste mode, better battery life, assisted GPS, and more!!!!!!

..If you don’t want to buy the 3G S, because you already have the 3G–you can get the 3.0 software update that will do everything the 3G S can do, except the video camera (since that is hardware).  With the software upgrade, you can experience the landscape keyboard, cut/copy/paste mode, increased MMS (releasing later in the summer) that includes picture and audio messages sent as text msgs, voice memos/recording, and more!


~ by NxtLev on June 9, 2009.

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