No more Wave…

Charly Wingate aka Max B

Charly Wingate aka Max B

Rapper Max B (real name: Charly Wingate) has been officially found guilty by a New Jersey judge on 9 of 11 felony counts for being the ‘brain’ behind a $30,000 heist targeting two men who were known to be ‘wealthy’.  It has been reported that Max B and his step brother, Kelvin Leerdam conspired, along with Max B’s former girlfriend Gina Conway to conduct this crime.  The prosecution made a deal with Gina Conway and she snitched on Max B and his step brother to lessen her jail time (from 30yrs-life to about 18, probably 10 years).  Unfortunately, Max B and his lawyer Gerald Saluti could not get him out of this situation.  No word on how long Max B will be in jail, but he has to report by July 30 (even though they took him into custody right away).  Saluti plans to appeal the decision, which he feels will turn the entire case around.

A source close to NxtLev has Gerald Saluti quoting Max B after the verdict saying, “They could’ve dug Johnny Cochran out of his grave and I still would have chosen you [G].”  Max has his head up and took the verdict in stride.  Time will tell on how this case ends up.

Pray for Biggavel/Max B/Wavy Crocket/etc, and his family.


~ by NxtLev on June 9, 2009.

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