…Even More Chris Brown & Rihanna

These 2 LOVE being in the media, for one reason or another.  Chris Brown has been attending all of the Orlando Magic home games the majority of this postseason, with the exception of a couple games.  Rihanna, who has just started going to basketball games in general (all in LA), flies out to Orlando to watch game 4 (she wasn’t there game 3, but Chris was).  This was their first time in public together (well, separately) since “the incident.”  I find it quite ironic that Rihanna flies out to Orlando to watch the game, knowing Brown has been there all playoffs.  Anyway, a source close to NxtLev has said that Rihanna and Chris Brown disappeared at halftime and were spotted in the same ‘club room’ at the arena.  The two of them are going to be in court June 22nd.  Maybe Chris Brown wanted to sweet-talk her, since she’s subpoenaed to testify against him?? [sidebar]–Rihanna looked sick at the game, while Chris Brown was having the time of his life.  [sidebar 2]–The NBA/ABC showed the celebrities at the game and only showed Rihanna and others (no Chris Brown), but in game 3 they showed Chris Brown and the rest of the celebrities.  I find that schiesty as ever…

For more pics of CB & Riri…


~ by NxtLev on June 12, 2009.

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