Vanessa Bryant; Gorgeous??…

LOL!!! Wow.  I’m speechless on her outfit.  Peep her ‘ribs’ and such.  Kobe was probably tight she was wearing this, but you know he can’t say much-since he cheated on her already and she now runs his life.  They also attended the 2009 Espy Awards, the “Grammy’s of Sports”.  California is getting to her a little bit; maybe Kobe should seek a trade…haha.  What do y’all think??!!


~ by NxtLev on July 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Vanessa Bryant; Gorgeous??…”

  1. shitttttt kobe she needs to go to training camp to get the cellulite out . That dress looks like she’s going to porno awards if i had a vote i would for best new comer. those lips full with botox looks she’s being sucking kobe’s and Pau’s dick the entire season. Damn Kobe one fuck up four years ago, you can do better than that man, give her 20 million and get a better chick. Talk to Tony Parker and have Eva Langoria hook you up with a better hollywood chick.

  2. I thinkkk…her boobs look smooshed.

  3. I think everyone needs to stop hating on her. Shes had 2 kids and she looks pretty damn good if you ask me. Shes happy beautiful and blessed. PERIOD.

  4. LOL. She may be blessed and beautiful, but the dress isn’t flattering. Hows the saying go?..Everything ain’t for Everybody.

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