GREAT story..

Billionaire, George Soros gave electric cards of $200 to over 300 needy families in New York City to help parents in sending their kids back to school.  Over 300 electronic cards were given to parents waiting in line by the thousands to receive $200 in free money for school supplies and uniforms to send their children back to school.  Billionaire George Soros is spending $35 million to help aide parents for the upcoming school year.  Every child between the age of 3-17 was eligible to receive the 200 dollars and the free money went to families on welfare or receiving food stamps.  There was also no cap on how many children a family had as well, meaning every child in the household who was eligible got the $200 to spend on school related items. 813,845 kids across the state – including 498,866 in the city were helped.  Soros’ $35 million was also added to 140 million dollars in federal stimulus money.

WOW!  He’s definitely gonna get blessed.  I LOVE seeing people do great things, in general, but also when they have more than enough means to do so.  This site commends you George!!!


~ by NxtLev on August 12, 2009.

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