Here’s a lil somethin for EVERYONE!

Jay-Z and Beyonce are in Croatia for a much needed vacation, before they get back to the grind (Beyonce’s touring and Jay-Z’ “Blueprint 3” is coming out in less than a month).  The paparazzi, who are ALWAYS on top of their shit, must have pushed the wrong button because it went a little too far (*Peep the video at the end).  Anyways, whatever you need–I got it (pause).  There’s Beyonce’s ass, Jay-Z flickin off the paparazzi w/ Beyonce’s bodyguard, Beyonce’s bodyguard getting hit with a tri-pod (to hold video cameras), Jet-skiing, and more….ENJOY!

OK.  1)  LOL at Jay tryna hold back Beyonce’s bodyguard, 2) LOL!!! at Jay flickin off the paparazzi like they cared, 3) Peep Jay-Z on the yacht watching the ‘goings-ons’ of the water, 4) Shaking my head at YOU staring at Beyonce’s ass, 5) LMAO at Beyonce’s bodyguard (Julius, by the way) handing Jay the bag to go after the paps.  OH YEAH!  the video…

Yeah!, it was that real.  Them throwing the tripod was a little OD.  Jay-Z’ reflexes are pretty quick (22 second mark).  And last, but not least–Peep Jay at the 36 second mark!  He’s just walkin, right???? Wrong.  He’s left-handed; Peep the fist too.  This could have gotten bad.  I wonder how much they pay the bodyguards?? Cuz Julius just got a raise.  Holla.

****if y’all want more video, Comment!! and i’ll hold you down..


~ by NxtLev on August 19, 2009.

One Response to “Here’s a lil somethin for EVERYONE!”

  1. Thats a bold move to hit Jay’s bodyguard like that! And it looks like their reporting him to police or something at the end. Dumbasses! lol

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