Venus and Serena Williams quit Tennis and are going to Football…

Juuuuussstttt kidding.  Relax, Relax.  The sisters are about to buy a majority stake in the Miami Dolphins of the NFL.  The sisters live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida–which is an hour from the Dolphins’ stadium.  From Serena’s mouth, “There have been preliminary talks, and hopefully it’ll work out…That would be a great opportunity for both of us. You never know. We’ll see what happens…There’s always so many opportunities out there, and Venus and I are always trying to expand our brand and do the best that we can do, and if an opportunity presents itself, we would love to see where it can take us…Who knows what’s going to happen, but hopefully we’ll be able to hopefully continue to expand our brand.”

That’s what I’m talking about.  I’m about to hit them up on the phone now, after one of you give me their number.  Holla.


~ by NxtLev on August 20, 2009.

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