***You will not see these ANYWHERE, obviously because they were taken wit my phone and my homie’s phone.  I think the episode is airing October 14th (don’t quote me! and I’ll update you all). It was incredible though.  I was also maxin wit Kid Cudi; he signed my Complex magazine.

Great Time.  Great People.  Great Performance.  Oh yeah, the 3rd pic is how close I was to the stage.  Every time I bent my knees–I’d hit it.  At first I was tight, until I remembered where I was.  ALSO!, if you don’t have Ryan Leslie’s first album, “Ryan Leslie”, COP IT!!! And when his 2nd album “Transition” drops, COP IT!!!!!!  He’s incredible.  [Peep the artist spotlight we had on him]..

[sidebar]–I had to say this.  I don’t know if this part of his show will be on TV, because he did that song twice….BUT–after one of the records, he gave me a pound (a fist to fist, for those under a rock) and his ring marked my knuckle.  Diamonds were legit.


~ by NxtLev on August 23, 2009.

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