EXCLUSIVE NEW MUSIC!!!!!!! Jay-Z- “Venus vs. Mars” (produced by TIMBALAND)

I’m tight.  Even though I called this record to come out, I’m tight.  Timbaland’s team is the worst on the planet.  Thank God, he only has 3 records on The Blueprint 3. I’d love for Jay to take these records off, simply because of their leak.  [sidebar]–from the 3 records that have leaked, Jay-Z’ “blueprint” he’s trying to make obviously isn’t along the lines of ‘rapping’.  It’s about making ‘cross-culture’ and ‘cross-genre’ music.  I think a lot of people are not giving the songs a solid listen, because of the beat.  I think there’s a method to the madness…Check it out..SEPTEMBER 11TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **I THINK this is the last song I’m gonna post before the album drops.  Every time I send these off to the world, my insides cringe. LOL..What do you all think??

UPDATE: I had to do this….”I thought shortie was the truth/ found out she was a cheater/ We was supposed to takeover/ I caught her bumpin’ Ether”..

UPDATE 2: “Shortie played the piano/ Me, I played with White Keys/ Shortie from the South/ Oh, I think she like me/ Shortie like Pac/ Me, Big Poppa/ Screamin Hit Em Up/ I’m screamin, Who Shot Ya”..**Just incase you guys didn’t get the message from the entendre king..

UPDATE 3: “Me, I’m from the apple..which means I’m a Mac/ She’s a PC, she lives in my lap”..HAHAAAAAA, that boy good..

Jay-Z- Venus vs. Mars (Produced by Timbaland) *The shoot 5 entertainment isn’t part of the song..


~ by NxtLev on August 26, 2009.

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