What’s YOUR call on the entire situation?..

I never watched the show.  I got put on to the show.  Then I got hooked by the show.  Now, when I finally could tell all the lil kids apart—They separate.  Well, here’s Jon Gosselin’s first interview about the entire situation….

…Is what he’s saying believable?  At the part in the videos when the interviewER told him it’s not good to basically air out the mother of your kids and his response was like, Yeah–Dad’s too.  I kinda felt for him; Because, even though I’m not a father, they don’t get ISH (I’m trying to watch my mouth) for Father’s day and Mother’s get big hype for their day.  I’m just sayin.  Does anyone else feel that way??


~ by NxtLev on September 10, 2009.

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