Kanye Apologies (Again) on The Jay Leno Show

Last night was the first night of the new Jay Leno show.  Idk if you have seen it before it hit ‘primetime’, but there’s nothing too special or different.  Of course, I watched it because the industry Dream Team was performing.  Before hand, however, Kanye felt the need to publicly apologize for the Taylor Swift incident.  I find it funny that people are SO quick to jump on someone when they make a mistake, like no one makes mistakes.  Kanye has said numerous times that he’s sorry and remorseful; let him rock.  “It’s crazy how you can go from bein Joe Blow/ To everybody on your d**k (no homo)”.  [sidebar]–The “no homo’s” and the “pause’s” are being off’d by me right now.  No more of that.


~ by NxtLev on September 15, 2009.

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