That’s what The Blueprint 3 sold in its first week.  Making it, *drum roll*, Jay-Z’ 11th NUMBER 1 album; 2nd only to the Beatles.  What are you all’s favorite songs/lyrics from the album?? HIT THE DAMN COMMENT SECTION!



~ by NxtLev on September 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “465,468…”

  1. “And really the fact is, we not in the same bracket.Not in the same league, don’t shoot at the same baskets, on’t pay the same taxes, hang with the same bitches. So how am I in the way, what is it I’m missing? Nigga I been missing.”

    “I’m in the hall ALREADY, on the wall ALREADY, I’m a work of art, I’m a Warhol ALREADY.”

    “Meanwhile, had Oprah chillin in the projects. Had her out in Bedstuy, chillin on the steps, drinkin quarter waters, gotta be the best. MJ at Summer Jam, Obama on the text. Yall should be afraid of what I’m gon do next!”

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