First #1 Record for Jay-Z Ever?

It is true.  Jay-Z has 11 #1 albums, with no #1 songs–until now (possibly).  After the 9/11 Concert, “Empire State of Mind” went from #212 on the billboard charts to #2.  I strongly believe it’ll end up being #1, which will be Jay-Z’ first.  “Empire State of Mind” is officially the 3rd single to The Blueprint 3.  I NEED to know what that video will look like.  [Sidebar]–Jay-Z has been nominated for 7 awards at BET’s Hip-Hop Awards (not the regular BET Awards…what’s the difference right?!!?).  Lil Wayne has also been nominated for 7, while Kanye has 9 nominations..[sidebar again]–“They” say Jay-Z will sell around 200,000 albums in his 2nd week, which will put him at about 700,000 (already Gold).  For those that don’t know, EVERY album Jay-Z has come out with has gone platinum. True story.  Don’t believe me? Wikipedia that s**t..


~ by NxtLev on September 17, 2009.

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