First T.I, then Plaxico Burress, now Lil Wayne…

…All 3 of these individuals are spending/are going to spend jail time for hanguns (automatics, with silencers in T.I’s case).  Wayne had his tour bus pulled over in New York City in 2007 and they found a gun in Wayne’s Louis Vuitton bag (that he tried to throw when the officer was approaching).  Wayne is pleading guilty, because if he doesn’t–he’ll be spending Plaxico time (2 years) in jail.  This way, he’s looking at about 8 months.  Rapper, Jim Jones is pissed that Wayne gets close to what T.I. got and T.I. had military issued automatic weapons with silencers.  Regardless, for or against it, the rules are the rules and Wayne broke them in NYC.  Word to the wise—If you have a gun, take out allllllllll the bullets when you get to NY; their law is NOT playing around with this gun ish…

*Sensing an avalanche of Lil Wayne records before he goes in around Feb.2010*


~ by NxtLev on October 23, 2009.

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