Beanie Sigel vs. Jay-Z/Dame Dash/Rocafella..

**It’s 38 minutes, so I’ll give you the summation.  Beanie Sigel is pissed off at Jay-Z because he felt like on “Already Home” off of the Blueprint 3, Jay-Z was going at the Rocafella artists (I done cooked up the Roc already, so why the fuck can’t y’all get hot already)—Personally, I think Jay-Z is talking about others who haven’t gotten their own situation off the ground; not off of Rocafella.  Also, he’s pissed at Jay-Z because when Beanie was supposed to get out of jail–the court asked Jay-Z if he’d be responsible for Beanie Sigel’s whereabouts if they let him out, Jay-Z said no.  So, they left Beanie in there.–That’s completely understandable on both ends (Beanie needed a solid from him good friend, but Jay-Z was a man like everyone else–How can he be responsible for someone like Beanie’s whereabouts?)  He said Jay-Z owes him a conversation.  He’s pissed at Dame Dash because Dame was messing around w/ his money.  Dame would take money out of companies/entities that Beanie Sigel was a part of and put it in his own.  Basically, a lot of personal Rocafella stuff.  **The links below are the 38 minute phone conversation/interview Beanie had with Charlamagne The God and Beanie Sigel’s new song–“What You Talkin About”. The Record is dope.  Always remember ladies and gentlemen, there’s 2 sides to every story. He explains the record in the interview–so you might wanna take out a solid 45 minutes if you wanna get to the bottom of it..

Beanie Sigel Phone Interview [38 min]

Beanie Sigel- What You Talkin Bout (I Ain’t Ya Average Cat)

All in all, I feel Beans.  At the same time, men are men and their responsible for their own actions.  We’ll see how it plays out.. What do you all think?!


~ by NxtLev on October 30, 2009.

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