4th Quarter will be a battle between Alicia Keys and Princess RiRi..

…4th quarter (As is 4th quarter of the year…October, November and December) is full of new music and great talent.  Alicia Keys is dropping her album December 15th (same day as Chris Breezy) and Rihanna is dropping her album on November 23rd.  The official tracklist dropped yesterday and of course I have it here for you.  Both of these females are extremely talented and will supply the world with amazing music, as they always do.  Make sure you go out and support them.  After the tracklist is a couple of pictures of RiRi running around Manhattan, NY (not literally)..

1. “Mad House”
2. “Wait Your Turn”
3. “Hard” feat. Young Jeezy
4. “Stupid in Love”
5. “ROCKSTAR 101″ feat. Slash
6. “Russian Roulette”
7. “Fire Bomb”
8. “Rude Boy”
9. “Photographs” feat. will.i.am
10. “G4L”
11. “Te Amo”
12. “Cold Case Love”
13. “The Last Song”

HER SWAG IS CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY.  Sometimes, she has this ‘little kid’/’I’m cute’ look going on.  Niiiiiccccceee..


~ by NxtLev on November 3, 2009.

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